Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What beautiful weather! the weather has been so beautiful lately!  I'm so ready for winter to be over and for spring and summer to be here!  I miss wearing my tank tops and flip flops.  However, since the weather has been so nice that means the snow that we've had is starting to melt and it's turning our dirt road into one big mess.  Mud wrestling anyone???  Marcos and Jerome tried their best to control the mud situation at our house by plowing the road with the four wheeler. 

We signed Jerome up for T-ball again this year and I think he's going to do 100% better this year.  He has really improved his social skills since he started pre-k and he's finally grown out of his shyness.  He's very excited to do tball and he told me "I'm going to run so fast they'll never catch me" I love my little man to pieces! 

We're working on the potty training thing again with Lexi, I have never known another little girl as stubborn as her.  She was fully potty trained at 2 but she decided that "she was a baby and needed diapers" and so she refuesed to use the big girl potty.  This girl is going to be the death of me, lol.  I'm scared for her teachers when she starts school and I'm afraid the principal and I are going to on a first name basis.  :)  I have to admit that she gets her stubberness from me but she has the smile of an Angel and knows how to melt my heart. 

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Shiri Briseno said...

I hope the mud clears and warm weather finally makes an appearance so you can comfortably wear your flip flops :) Too funny about Lexi, well she is absolutely her mother's daughter after all.