Monday, December 15, 2008

It is in giving you receive!

Tis the season for giving and thinking of others! With that being said, I've been looking into some non-profit organizations to do my part in giving to those who are less fortunate or are unable to be with their families for the Holidays. As I was browsing the internet I stumbled upon a little website; please take a moment to check it out. This website matches you up with a US Solider who is on active duty anywhere in the US, it gives you their name, address and email so that you can contact them via email and address. It's completely up to you on how involved you want to be; i.e., by email, snail mail and/or sending care packages or all three.

I signed up right away and was given a 22 yr old young man that is serving for our country in Africa. I immediatley contacted him and he responded within that day and can you believe the only thing he requested me to send him was Crystal Light water flavorings and instant outmeal?! I was beyond humbled to say the least. Anyhow, I'm putting a care package together and will be sending it off soon. I hope if you read this blog you can take a few minutes out of your day to stop and check it out and hopefully register, these young men and women risk their lives every day so that we can live freely and they deserve to hear from the very people they are protecting.

It is in giving that you receive!

Until next time may Gob bless!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Have you ever watched a child eat an oreo cookie? If not, I highly recommend you do so. It has become a tradition that my little Jerome has to have a cookie right before he goes to bed and not just any cookie will do, it has to be an Oreo cookie. Every night we have a routine, get stuffed Mickey Mouse, dinos, juice and cookie and off to bed we go. For some reason I decided to watch Jerome as he proceeded to munch on his cookie. First, he twists off the top and oh so slowly he nibbles it until it's gone, then comes the good stuff....the cream. He takes his little pointer finger and carves it out little by little until it's all gone. Finally, when he's to the last piece of his oreo he shoves the whole thing into his mouth and closes his eyes and savors every last bite and then to finish it off he licks all five fingers just to make sure he gets every last taste. Give your child an oreo and watch them as they eat'll make you want a cookie.