Monday, May 24, 2010

Not me Monday!!!

Had a wonderful day yesterday, gave Lexi a small birthday BBQ with just our immediate family. I ate just enough that I was satisfied and didn't eat so much that my stomach screamed to stop because never in a million years would I stuff myself silly, don't you know I have self control!? I didn't let my kids have any coke for the BBQ when they asked me because what kind of mom would I be if I gave them coke when I know it rots their teeth!? All in all it was a great way to spend Sunday with my family!

This morning I woke up on time and bright and early for work because I am an exempt employee and would never dream of being late! During my lunch hour I ran my whole mile without stopping and I didn't sound like a pig who is struggling for air, because didn't you know I'm an outstanding athlete and running is like second nature to me???

Today is my Lexi Pooh's actual birthday and I didn't come straight home to make her some special birthday cupcakes because what mother would give their children even more sweets to rotten their teeth...certainly not me!!!

This post is for my BFF who is always so clever in writing her "Not me Monday" blogs, I hope I made mine just as interesting as yours!

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